Provide Project Information

Exercise: Provide Project Information


Task 1: Define the criteria for your information requirements in sufficient detail to meet your project-specific BIM objectives and goals.

  1. Define the information requirement owner and receiver of information for each project-specific BIM Use Case.

  1. Describe the purpose for which your project information requirements are needed to other organisations and individuals who must know those requirements to specify or inform their work.

  1. Define the required quality, quantity and granularity of information that should be provided as a minimum for each of the three data types within your building information models at each stage of your project, including geometrical information, alphanumerical information, and information for documentation.

  1. Define the criteria against which the information deliverables will be checked before acceptance, using your project’s information standards, methods, and procedures.

  1. List all current asset information, industry standards, shared resources, and other supporting documents that can assist the prospective lead appointed party in fully understanding your information requirements.

  1. Document the date or frequency relative to your project’s information delivery milestones to define when the information needs to be exchanged.