45 min.

Workflow Management 1: Getting Started with Workflows in Upchain

Module overview

Here, we introduce you to workflows in Upchain. We discuss what they are, what they’re for, and the sorts of objects governed by a workflow. We’ll also introduce you to the workflow editor and demonstrate the basic functions you’ll need to start creating and managing your own workflows.   

This content is intended as a basic introduction. Subsequent content explore workflows for specific objects, such as Change requests, in greater detail. 

This content takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. By the end, you should be able to:

  • Describe what a workflow is
  • List the different Upchain objects governed by a workflow
  • Copy a system workflow
  • Create a workflow from scratch
  • Identify the required primitives for all workflows
  • Edit a workflow, and save and publish changes

Module outline

  • Getting Started with Workflows in Upchain