Setup Model and Paths

People Flow Toolkit Integration for Movement Simulation

2-Setup Model and Paths of Travel


  1. Launch Revit 2020 or 2021 and open the medical center sample RVT file provided with this course.
  2. Navigate to the “Working Ground Floor” floor plan view.
  3. Click the “Analyze” ribbon then click the “One Way Indicator” tool.
  4. Place indicators over the doors at the following locations:
  5. Use the space bar to rotate the indicator instances before placing them.
  6. Be sure to adjust the extents of the indicators so they align with the door openings.
  7. Next, click the “Multiple Paths” tool and define a path from the front entrance (point “A”) to an exam room (point “B”) as shown below:
  8. Determine which path best accommodates travel through the building. Delete the other path(s).  
  9. Save your file.