Define the Challenges of the Construction Phase

Define the Construction Phase - Exercise

The construction phase is sandwiched between the AE and the O phases. It begins and ends with handovers to and from these phases. 

The construction phase involves mobilization, shop drawings, fabrication, procurement, etc. The BIM aspects are less stringent than in the AE phase. With BIM properly implemented, many of the construction stages can be started earlier. 

Consider how you and your organization relate to this phase. If this is the primary phase you are involved with, examine how your organization handles this phase. As before, use a critical eye for this inspection to determine how well prepared you are for the project lifecycle of BIM. 

If this is NOT the primary phase for your organization, use your imagination by considering members you know who belong to this phase to evaluate their adaptation of such BIM aspects. Of course, you would be looking from the outside in. 

Do not be too critical of such evaluations – let the criticism be constructive (no pun intended!). 

Before you begin, you can download the Worksheet file from the Module Overview page using the Download Resources button. The sections of the worksheet detail the topics covered previously that you can use for this exercise, or you can venture off and explore your own topics.