BIM Strategies

Establish a BIM Strategy - Exercise

A BIM strategy involves: 

  • Project progression 
  • BIM standards 
  • Information extraction (export and import) 
  • Quality control workflow 
  • Other aspects as may be pertinent depending on the type of project 

These components all need to be considered in order to understand the project lifecycle of an AECO project involving BIM.  

It is your turn now to interpret these components for your own fictional project that you defined in the previous module. Consider your own team and organization to determine the best methods of managing the BIM strategy. 

Worksheet Instructions

Before you begin, you can download the Worksheet file from the Module Overview page using the Download Resources button, then complete it as follows:  

  1. Enter the project name. 
  2. Enter the BIM team you are a member of (or for which this exercise is being done). 
  3. Study the Project Progression diagram. 
  4. Fill in the Project Progression Chart based on the four topics listed above it. 
  5. Study the BIM Standards and Procedures diagram. 
  6. Fill in the BIM Standards and Procedures Chart based on the four topics listed above it. 
  7. Study the Information Extraction diagram. 
  8. Fill in the Information Extraction Chart based on the purpose of the extracted information and format. 
  9. Study the Quality Control Workflow diagram. 
  10. Fill in the Quality Control Workflow Chart based on what types of checks your organization currently performs. Do you consider them to be adequate or is there room for improvement? Is the frequency adequate?