Understanding Worksets (8:05 min)

As mentioned in the video, I like to use worksets sparingly. I just get tired of having people put the wrong stuff on the wrong workset. Oh and arguing about how to name worksets. I do like worksets for links though. So luckily, I can show you how to use worksets in a controlled setting.

To create and place items on worksets, follow along.

  1. Open Revit.
  2. Open your architectural model
  3. With the file open, go to the Collaborate tab.
  4. Click the Worksets button as shown in the Figure below:
  5. Click New.


  7. Click OK. (Keep it Editable).

  8. Please do not make it the current workset. Unless of course, you want people modeling stuff on the wrong workset.

  9. Click No.

  10. Select the Structural link.

  11. In the Properties dialog, select LINK_STRUCTURAL for the workset:

  12. Synchronize the model. You are all set. Lust make sure you leave it with Workset1 as the current workset. You can see it at the bottom of the Revit dialog as shown below: