Detaching a Central Model (3:44 min)

How much of a hurry are you in? I ask that because, when a client or contractor (that you know doesn’t know Revit well) asks for the model, do you just grab the central model and post it for them? You know what’s going to happen right? They are going to say Revit has errors when they open it. You get annoyed because they aren’t errors are they? That dummy doesn’t know anything. You just wasted three times the amount of “labor” to just detach the model and send it.

To detach a model from central follow these steps:

  1. Open Revit.
  2. Click Open and find the model you want to detach.
  3. Click detach from Central as shown below:
  4. Click Open. The next dialog is tricky. Unless compelled to do so I do not have my firm use worksets for placing items other than links unless there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason to do so, so I can detach and discard worksets. If you do use worksets for modeled elements, you have to click detach and preserve worksets. In this case, when the person opens the model it makes that the central model. If the person has no clue what that is, it becomes problematic.

  5. In my case, I am going to click Detach and Discard Worksets:

  6. Once the model is open, click Save.

  7. Find a directory where you want to save it, and name it what you wish. There! that’s how you can detach a model for distribution to a client or sub.