Combining Parameters in Schedules

Practice:  Combining parameters in schedules
In this practice you will combine existing parameters to create one parameter column in a schedule.

1.     Open the Small Medical Center-Combining.rvt project in the 3D view.  

2.    Notice that many of the openings in the building are curtain walls. But rotate around to the side and back of the room and you can see some windows, as shown below.

3.    In the Project Browser, expand Schedules/Quantities and double-click on WINDOW SCHEDULE to open it.

4.    You can see that there are three fields: Width, Height, and Sill Height that are all describing the size and sill height of the windows based on the location above the level, as shown below.

5.    In Properties, beside Sorting/Grouping, click Edit…

6.    In the Schedule Properties dialog box in the Sorting/Grouping tab under the Sort by: Level, select Header.

7.    Click on the Formatting tab, verify Level is selected and then select Hidden field, as shown below.

8.    Click OK.

9.    In Properties, beside Fields click Edit.

10.In the Schedule Properties dialog box, Fields tab select  (Combine Parameters).

11.In the Combine Parameters dialog box, select Width, Height, and Sill Height and add them to the Combined Parameter box, as shown below.

12.For the Combined Parameter Name type Size and Sill Height.

13.Change the first Separator to a lower case x.

14.Change the second Separator to the @ symbol.

15.Delete the third Separator and click back to one of the others to see the Preview.

16.Spaces between the separators are not automatic. So, go back and add a space in front of and behind each separator. The final information is shown below.

 Notes: You can choose from all the different parameters whether or not they have been added to the fields list.

There are two Sill Height parameters. Some of the window families were created with a duplicate parameter for this option.

You can modify the look of the value by adding a Prefix, Suffix, or Separator.

At the bottom of the dialog box you can see a Preview of the value. By default, each parameter has a slash (/) as a separator.

17.Click OK and OK again to add the parameter to the schedule.

18.The Sill Height is not coming out as expected. Therefore, we need to edit the Combined Parameter.

19.In the Schedule Properties dialog box, on the Fields tab, select Size and Sill Height and click  (Edit parameter).

20.Select the second Sill Height in the list of parameters and add it to the Combined Parameter. Remove the other Sill Height parameter, as shown below.

21.Delete the default Separator and click OK.

22.The New combined parameter is now available, and you can delete the original separate Width, Height, and Sill Height parameters from the table, as shown below.

23.Click OK .

24.The final schedule displays, as shown below.

25.Save the project.