Configuring the Autodesk SSO Connection

To begin the configuration of the single sign-on (SSO) implementation, the primary admin (or SSO admin) must have a domain set up and have access to the admin account with the identity provider. Note that the provider must have the ability to set up a SAML connection. Additionally, you should have notified all users that the change to SSO is coming and identified a select group of users that will be testing the connection for you.

Please take note that turning on SSO will take effect immediately. You can only turn it off by contacting Autodesk Support. It’s important to set it up correctly and test the connection before enabling it so that users will not have interrupted access to Autodesk products and services.

The following are the main steps in SSO configuration. For each step, a link has been provided to the Single Sign-on Configuration Guide to provide additional help documentation and a video has been included to show you the process.

1. Add your domain(s) to your Autodesk account and verify it so that it can be used for SSO. Verifying your domain confirms that you are the owner or admin for your organization’s domain name. You will need to add the email domain(s) that your Autodesk users use to sign in to your organization. Refer to the Add and Verify Domains topic for additional instructions.

2. Set up the connection between your Autodesk account and your identity provider. How the connection is established is dependent on your identity provider (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Okta, ADFS, OneLogin, PingOne, PingFederate, or Google Cloud Identity). For detailed instructions on how to set up SSO for your identity provider, refer to the Set up your connection articles.

3. Test the connection by adding up to 30 users from your Autodesk team to the linked connection before turning on SSO. Once you have confirmed your test users can successfully log in using SSO, you can turn on SSO for the entire team. Refer to the Test and turn on SSO topic for additional instructions.

If you have any issues or questions about configuring your identity provider, you can click the icon in the lower-right corner in Autodesk Account to access the Get Help menu. Select Post-purchase support > Sign in & profile > Single sign-on (SSO). You can review the Knowledge Network articles or click Contact a support agent for further help. The Learn more about SSO link will direct you to the Single Sign-on Configuration Guide that has been referenced in the videos.