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Student’s guide to the Education Plan

If you’re a student, you can follow these steps to get free access to software through the Autodesk Education Plan on your personal computer.

  • A student wanting to install products that a teacher has assigned to you.
  • A student who hasn’t been assigned products and needs to obtain them yourself.
  • A student ready to renew access to the Education Plan.

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Students installing products assigned to them

You should have received an email from Autodesk telling you which products your teacher has assigned and where you can download them. The steps to access software are different depending upon whether you have an Autodesk account.

Students obtaining products for themselves

If a product hasn’t been assigned to you, you can still obtain free Autodesk software on your own. As a student, you can create an account and confirm your eligibility for the Autodesk Education Plan. Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm your eligibility using your school-provided email by going to the Get Products page (US Site) and clicking Get Started. This involves validating your role as a student with a qualified educational institution.
    Note: You may need to submit additional documentation before your eligibility is approved.

  2. Create an Autodesk account by clicking the Complete Account Setup link in the email received after completing your education profile.

  3. Download and install your software from the Get Products page (US Site).
    Important: Even if your software is already installed on the device you’re using, you must click Download on the product card to trigger your product entitlement.

  4. Start your product, sign in to Autodesk account, and begin using your software.
    Note: Once you’re signed in on your browser, you may need to click Go to Product to return to your software.

Students renewing product access

To continue your access to Education software, you must renew your eligibility every year.  You can check your renewal date by going to the Get Products page (US Site). Sign in to view your personalized banner at the top of the page. Also be sure to check your email, as Autodesk will send an email reminder 30 days before your eligibility expires.


To renew educational access to Autodesk software, see Renewing access to Education software.


Note: If you miss your renewal date, you must restart access to your education software and any subscriptions you had, even if a product is already installed.

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