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Admin’s guide to the Education Plan

If you’re an admin or IT professional who qualifies for the Autodesk Education plan, you can deploy Autodesk products to a network of shared computers for use in a lab. You’ll use a network license server to deploy licenses for up to 3,000 concurrent students per product. Shared lab machines are managed using serial numbers.

Administrators obtaining products for their school

To get Autodesk products and deploy them in a lab or classroom at your school, follow the instructions in Set up a lab as an admin. In summary, this process involves these steps:

  1. Confirm eligibility and create an account. You’ll create an account and confirm your eligibility. Note that you may need to submit additional documentation to establish your eligibility.
  2. Obtain a network license. You’ll get a license for the product(s) you need for your school.
  3. Deploy your products. You’ll download and install your product files on the computers in your classroom or lab.
  4. Assist your educators and students get started. If needed, you’ll guide them in getting their accounts, establishing eligibility, and signing into the products installed in your lab.

Keep products up-to-date

If you aren’t using browser versions of Autodesk products, set up a process to keep your chosen Autodesk products current on each computer. This is important because some products, such as Fusion 360, are updated every 4-8 weeks and can quickly fall behind. This will ensure the software version students are using on school devices is the same software version they are using on home devices.

Renewing product access

In order to continually update Autodesk products, you may need to renew your own education eligibility annually. As a school admin, you’ll be able to renew up to three months before your renewal date. When you renew, your confirmation of eligibility date moves out a full year from your prior confirmation date, not from your renewal date. So, there is no penalty to renewing early.


For institutional renewals to the Education Plan, see Renew institutional access to Education software.

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