What’s in the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

Access all the creative tools you need to make your next big TV series, film or game, from first draft to final frames.

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Included software

Get all the tools you need to create stunning animations collaboratively and without creative bounds. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Included software

Facilitate seamless teamwork across your VFX pipeline by connecting creative processes and tools. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Included software

Access the creative tools you need to build striking worlds and characters for your next game. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The Media and Entertainment Collection is the simplest way to access digital creation tools for your whole workflow. One subscription gives you everything you need to model, rig, animate, create FX, light, and render your projects, from first draft to final frames.

What products are included in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The Media and Entertainment Collection includes Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold (with the option of getting a 5-pack), MotionBuilder, Mudbox, ReCap Pro, and Autodesk Rendering.

You can also run Bifrost for Maya on up to 15 machines with each collection license, enabling you to process Bifrost-created simulations on a compute farm. Bifrost for Maya is a visual programming environment for creating complex effects.

How do I get the Arnold 5-pack with the collection?

If you purchase the Media & Entertainment Collection online (via this page), you get a single-user Arnold license, which you can use on up to 5 separate machines. If you purchase the collection subscription from a reseller, you have the choice between receiving an Arnold single-user license or a 5-pack of Arnold multi-user licenses. The option to get multi-user licenses in place of a single-user license is only available if you buy from a reseller and doesn’t apply if you purchase online from this page.

How are the products in the Media & Entertainment Collection integrated?

For core products, common file formats can be imported and exported. With certain products, you can collaborate simultaneously on a model or project throughout a workflow. For examples, see Game design and development or Film and TV production. Arnold is the integrated renderer in Maya and 3ds Max, enabling you to see high-quality previews and iterate changes quickly.

What if we don’t need every product in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

Use the products you need and will get the most value from. If you use just 2 or 3 of the products in the collection, the subscription cost is likely to be lower than subscribing to products individually. You’ll increase the capabilities of your business, simplify software administration, and reduce the time spent from project start to completion.

How do I upgrade from an individual product subscription to a collection?

If you purchased your subscription online from our website, you can upgrade to an industry collection when your current product subscription expires. If you purchased your subscription from a sales representative or authorized partner, contact them for assistance. Learn more about upgrading your Autodesk product or plans.

What are the system requirements for the Media & Entertainment Collection?

Most desktop products in the Media and Entertainment Collection can run on/ runs on [Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS®, and Linux®]. See Media and Entertainment Collection system requirements (US Site) for specific product details.

Can I install the Media & Entertainment Collection on multiple computers?

See Autodesk industry collection licensing behavior (US Site) for full details on computer access for single-user and multi-user licenses.

How do I download a trial of the Media & Entertainment Collection?

Download a free 30-day trial of any software—you can try multiple products simultaneously—included in the Media and Entertainment Collection. Use at least a 10 Mbps Internet connection and make sure you have enough space on your hard drive as trials are typically large file sizes. Download trials one at a time, then restart your computer to get started. For help with trialing products in the collection, follow our step-by-step download and install instructions. 

What if I need help downloading and installing a trial?

To troubleshoot download issues, review our support article (US Site), or search the community forums for answers.

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