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Revit to Unity Reflect: enable real-time 3D experiences, through simple and customized workflows, for improved design review and construction planning

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    Visualizing BIM and CAD projects in real-time 3D offers many advantages, but the workflow for creating these interactive, immersive experiences needs streamlining. That’s where Unity Reflect comes in; a new product that creates interactive real-time 3D experiences for any device (mobile/desktop/AR/VR) from Revit in one click. It helps every project stakeholder, from ownership to design and construction teams, make the right design decisions in real-time. During this session, we’ll showcase how Unity Reflect can be used out of the box or customized (developed on top of) to give designers, architects and engineers the ability to seamlessly federate their Revit models for real-time 3D. Learn how to enable real-time decision making, reduce time between revisions and meetings, and ultimately improve design review and construction planning processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Make the right design decisions at the right time with project stakeholders through visualization
    • Discover and understand the benefits of Reflect
    • Learn how to use reflect out of the box or for customizations
    • Improve design reviews and construction planning processes