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BIMonRails - Gamification all the way to AEC Excellent Award finalist!

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    The traditional railroad industry is lagging behind the building industry in terms of innovative technology. One reason could be that there's a lack of good Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools. This presentation will take you on a journey through the design process in large railroad projects to show what we're doing and how we're pushing things further with the help of InfraWorks software and Unreal Engine. We will cover collaboration and live feed, involving the information flow and efficient collaboration between hundreds of people per project. We'll also cover concurrent engineering and model utilization to the full extent with virtual reality (VR) enabled by Unreal Engine. This is project delivery reinvented. What if we turned things upside down and delivered a game instead of a model? We'll remove the "gimmick" factor from VR and focus on real value. Join our session and you will be blown away.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain better insights and control with extended functionality of InfraWorks
    • Discover best practices of information management in large-scale infrastructure projects
    • Discover value in gamified design and decision making
    • Discover the necessity of innovating, game-changing workflows that disrupt the industry