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Industry Talk / London 2018
The Virtual Mockup: Parametric Design and Optimisation of Complex Faヘade Panels in Virtual Reality
Nowadays available parametric modelling techniques allow for easy generation of geometrically complex faヘade elements. Evaluation of aesthetical quality of created design variants is often performed using 2D representations whereas physical 3D models are costly. Combining parametric design with design visualisation in virtual reality (VR) allows for aesthetical evaluation, review, design, and optimisation of unlimited alternatives on a full scale without the need for physical mock-ups. Speeding up design process and lowering potentially costs for mock-ups. This combination of virtual reality and parametric modelling has been applied in the design of the eye-catching faヘade for the new Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, The Netherlands, in 3 alternative workflows. One part of the facade consists of 'bone'-shaped elements. Their complex 3D geometry was generated using a Grasshopper model. This parametric model was live connected to a VR model of Revit through an automatic cloud connection using Flux.io, Dynamo and Enscape. Design modifications in Grasshopper were synchronised within seconds to the VR world. This allowed the design team to assess dozens of variants per hour to optimise the faヘade for transportability of elements while remaining aesthetical pleasant. Combining parametric design with VR allows for quick iteration of design variants while experiencing the performance and aesthetics of the design, not limited to a fragment but for the complete building. This increases the speed of design iterations which may increases efficiency or may allow for a more sophisticated design. Potentially, a costs and time reduction for physical models can be realised. Although physical models will still require for the 'feeling of the design' and as a test of the production process, now the most likely variant can be selected for the mock-up.
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