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Automating Large-Rail Project Workflows

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    Contemporary rail projects are vastly complex due to an intersection of several key factors. The deliverables and support that agencies and contractors ask for are scaling with new technology. These technologies are relatively new to the rail design space, and there are currently no precedents for implementing them. On two similar rail projects, tailored workflows and custom automation tools were developed in order to deliver the required standard documentation, visualization, clash detection, and asset management deliverables. The synergy between automation, connected BIM, and creative project workflow were essential to the execution of these projects. In this session, we’ll examine the project needs, collaboration between BIM 360 software and ProjectWise, and automation with the Subassembly Composer, Dynamo, Forge, and LISP.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the current railway design needs and identify gaps
    • Learn how to develop ideal workflows based on available technology
    • Learn how to solve workflow gaps with automation
    • Learn how to use resulting data environments to produce documentation, visualization, and asset management deliverables