Account management for admins

Add and remove users

Admins add and remove users to and from teams. A team is the central place where admins manage users, assignments, and settings. The team includes users added through Autodesk account, guest users, and users working in Autodesk cloud collaboration products. To learn more about teams, see Manage teams.


To give users access to Autodesk products and services, an admin can:

  • Invite users individually or import them in bulk through Autodesk account. If users don't have an existing Autodesk account, they'll receive a confirmation email with a link to create an account with their own email and password.
  • Add them automatically through just-in-time (JIT) provisioning with single sign-on (SSO). JIT provisioning automatically creates accounts for new users and adds them to your team when they sign in to Autodesk for the first time with SSO. To learn more, see How does JIT provisioning work?
  • Add them through directory sync. With directory sync, you can create user groups in your organization’s directory that can be automatically synced to your team in Autodesk account. This allows new users to join your team without needing to sign in for their account to be created. To learn more, see Understanding Active Directory Sync (US Site).
  • Add them through hubs. Using a hub, you can manage members and their permissions to let your team securely store and share data and work on projects across Autodesk collaboration products (currently BIM/ACC, Flow Production Tracking, Forma, and Fusion).

Adding and removing users in Autodesk account

For each of the following procedures, first sign into your Autodesk account at


Note: Do not use the following procedures to create new subscriptions or cancel existing subscriptions. For those operations, go to Add or reduce seats. To return a recently purchased subscription, go to Contact support.

To add users individually

  1. Select User Management > By User in the navigation menu.
  2. Select a team to which you want to invite users and click Invite Users.
  3. Enter a user’s first name, surname and email address.
  4. Click Send Invite.
    Users with an existing Autodesk account will appear as Verified in your team.


    Users without an existing account will appear as Invited in your team and will receive an email invite to create an account. Invited users have seven days to create their account via the link in the email invite.

  6. The guided setup information that appears in your account for 30 days after a subscription begins identifies users who haven’t yet verified their accounts. After 30 days, you can go to User Management > By User to see whether a user’s account has the status of Verified or Invited.
  7. If the seven-day period lapses before a user has verified their account, check that their email address is correct and resend the invitation:
    • Go to User Management > By User
    • Select the user and click Resend Invite.

Note: If you have a Premium plan with SSO (Single Sign-On), users may be added automatically.

To import a list of users

  1. Prepare a CSV file containing up to 5,000 users you want to import.
    1. Provide a single row for each user.
    2. Provide three columns: First name, surname and Email address.
      Note: Users that already exist in your team are ignored.
  2. Select User Management > By User in the navigation menu.
  3. Select a team to which you want to invite users and click Invite Users.
    Note: If you use classic user management, see Add users in classic user management.
  4. Select the Import tab and click Upload CSV File. You can continue working while the file is uploading. A notification displays when the import is complete.

To remove users individually

Primary, secondary and SSO admins can remove users from Autodesk Account. Removing a user revokes their access to products and services, but it doesn’t delete their personal Autodesk Account.

From User Management:

  1. Select User Management > By User (you will only see User Management if you are an admin).
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click the Remove User icon (trash can by the user's contact information).
  4. In the confirmation window, click Remove User.

Note: Primary admins cannot be removed unless their administrative privileges are removed. All admins can remove other secondary and SSO admins.

To remove users in bulk

  1. Sign in to your account at and click User Management > By User.
  2. Tick the box to select one or more users. A banner displays to show how many users you have selected.
  3. Click Remove From Team.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Remove.

Note: You can’t remove primary admins or users added from directory sync (Premium plan).

Removing access to cloud collaboration sites

For some collaboration products, you may need to take additional steps to disable access to your collaboration sites and project data.


The following table describes site access after a user is removed from the Autodesk team.

Product User disabled User access
Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) No Remains active
BIM 360 No Remains active
Fusion Yes Inactive. Cannot access site data
Info360 No Remains active
Flow Production Tracking Yes Inactive. Cannot access site data
Forma Yes Inactive. Cannot access site data.
Tandem No Remains active
Upchain No Remains active

If a removed user remains active, contact your collaboration site admin to disable or remove the user from your site.


See your collaboration product help for instructions on managing user access. To manage member status in BIM 360 or ACC, see manage account members.

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