Creating Sections and Exploded Views

Creating Sections and Exploded Views in the Autodesk Viewer.

In this exercise you will use the section tools in the Autodesk Viewer to view a cut away section of the model. You will also display the model in an exploded view.

You need to have access to a shared view to work through these steps. If you have not created a shared view in the previous practice do that now. If you do not have access to Revit, ask someone who does to create a shared view for you. You can use any project and the project used here is also available through the course dataset.

  1. Open the Small Medical Center shared view through Revit or through a link that was shared with you.
  2. This opens the default web browser with the Autodesk Viewer and the shared view.
  3. Zoom in on the model.
  4. In the tool bar across the bottom of the screen expand Section and click X Plane.
  5. Hover near the arrow until it turns yellow and then move it back and forth to change the cut plane of the section.
  6. Hover over the arcs and test how the angle of the section changes.
  7. Click on Y Plane and try the sections again.
  8. Repeat with Z Plane. Rotate the view as needed to see the part of the building you want to view.
  9. Select the Box tool and modify the size and orientation of the box using the arrows and the plane modifiers.
  10. Click on the Box tool again to remove the section.
  11. In the tool bar click Explode. Use the slider bar to modify the distance the elements are from each other