Achieve higher productivity with CAD and CAM of the highest quality

Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturing is our best-value design and manufacturing software. Integrate cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining and sheet-metal fabrication to design and manufacture in one solution.

Fusion for Manufacturing overview (video: 2:09 min.)

What is Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturing?

Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturing is a software package that combines the core capabilities contained in a subscription to Autodesk Fusion with the professional-grade CAM tools contained in the Fusion Manufacturing Extension – and at a more competitive price.

Subscribe for biggest savings

Fusion for Manufacturing is our best-value manufacturing software and offers the biggest savings compared to the cost of subscribing to Fusion and the Fusion Manufacturing Extension separately.


Why subscribe to Fusion for Manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing

Unlock professional-grade CAM tools to drive 2D, 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining, multi-sheet nesting and additive manufacturing.


Enhanced automation

Access automation tools to simplify common workflows and improve the quality and consistency of your manufacturing processes.


Get even more value

Combine and save with this special software package to get our most powerful CAD/CAM capabilities at the best, lowest price.


Fusion capabilities for mechanical engineers


Cloud-based collaboration

Seamless collaboration workflows (US Site) keep your team, customers and suppliers connected, regardless of whether they're across the hall or across the world.



Parametric modelling

Parametric design (US Site) and Direct modeling (US Site) allow for swift, efficient design changes, with automatic design updates that accommodate manufacturing needs.



Design for manufacture

Automate the preparation of 2D and 3D models (US Site) to enable effective manufacturing to start sooner, with powerful workflows to create jigs, fixtures and more.



Engineering drawings

Automate the creation of 2D drawings and manufacturing setup sheets (US Site) then share them securely with your team to keep everyone informed and connected.



Fusion capabilities for manufacturing engineers


Integrated CAD/CAM

Fusion unifies common CAD/CAM workflows (US Site) reducing the time and effort needed to go from concept to production and removing the pain of design changes.


Automated machining

Simplify the CAM programming (US Site) of parts with 2-, 3- (US Site) and 4- and 5-axis (US Site)  strategies that generate high-quality NC code for mills, lathes and turn-mill machines.


Advanced nesting

Convert 3D assemblies into efficient 2D nested solutions (US Site), then produce high-quality NC code for use with CNC routers, laser-, water- and plasma-cutting machines.


Rapid prototyping

Quickly prepare 3D models for 3D printing (US Site) in a wide range of materials (US Site) with intuitive and intelligent automated workflows to simulate and optimise builds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturing?

Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturing is an integrated solution for product development and manufacturing organisations. It includes the core CAD/CAM capabilities contained in Fusion plus the advanced CAM programming tools contained in the Fusion Manufacturing Extension but at a discounted subscription cost. 

Who uses the Fusion for Manufacturing offering?

Fusion for Manufacturing is built for organisations that want to increase innovation, reduce development costs, and start manufacturing sooner. These organisations typically consist of manufacturing engineers, machinists and programmers tasked with the responsibility for manufacturing a product. This often requires the production of a toolpath/machine programming, and/or nesting of designs for fabrication, and/or planning/programming for 3D printing.

How does the Fusion for Manufacturing offering differ to the Fusion Manufacturing Extension?

A subscription to the Fusion for Manufacturing offering includes Autodesk Fusion AND the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension but at a discounted price. The offering provides our most comprehensive CAD/CAM toolkit packed with automated workflows to support a wide range of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining (milling and turning), sheet-based fabrication, and 3D printing in a range of materials.

Is there a trial version of the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing offering?

No. Currently, there is no trial for the Fusion for Manufacturing offering.


Autodesk does provide a free 30-day trial of Fusion and a separate 14-day trial of the Fusion Manufacturing Extension. It is recommended that customers activate the extension trial during the final 2 weeks of their 30-day Fusion trial.

Does the Fusion for Manufacturing offering include a subscription to Autodesk Fusion?

Yes. The Fusion for Manufacturing offering includes access to both Autodesk Fusion and the Fusion Manufacturing Extension

What subscription options are available?

Customers can choose to subscribe to the Fusion for Manufacturing offering for 1 or 3 years. The longer, 3-year term allows customers to lock in the price and get the greatest return on investment.

How much does Fusion for Manufacturing cost?

A subscription to Fusion for Manufacturing provides access to our best-value manufacturing capabilities. Check the pricing details at the top of this page for the most up-to-date pricing and promotions and visit your local website for prices in your local currency.

Is Fusion for Manufacturing professional-grade manufacturing software?

Yes. Fusion for Manufacturing is our best-value, and most capable, manufacturing software. It includes powerful CAD/CAM tools and automated workflows specifically developed to meet the needs of manufacturing engineers working with CNC machinery for milling, turning, sheet-based fabrication, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Is Autodesk Fusion the same as Fusion 360?

Yes. Autodesk recently changed the name of Fusion 360 to Fusion. As well as changing the name of Fusion, Autodesk made some changes to pricing & packaging. Learn more about these changes here (US Site)  . 

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