Installation for administrators

Configure and start your network license server

Create a debug log file, configure your network license server, start it, and confirm that it's running.

Create a debug log file

Debug log files contain Network License Manager (NLM) history that you can review to troubleshoot problems with your license servers.

  1. Create a subfolder named Logs under the folder in which you installed NLM.
  2. Use a text editor to create a text file in the Logs subfolder.
  3. Give the text file any name you like, but be sure to change the filename extension from .txt to .log.

Configure the license server

Configuration methods differ according to your operating system. For Windows network servers, use the LMTOOLS utility provided with Network License Manager (NLM).

To configure a Windows server

  1. Open the LMTOOLS utility. In Windows, click Start > Autodesk > LMTOOLS Utility.
  2. From the Service/License File tab, verify that the Configuration Using Services option is selected.
  3. Select the checkbox LMTOOLS Ignores License File Path Environment Variables.
  4. From the Config Services tab, use the Service Name drop-down menu to specify a name.
  5. Specify paths for these three files:
    • Path to the lmgrd.exe file: Browse to select the file in your NLM folder.
    • Path to the license file: Browse to select the license file you obtained from Autodesk.
    • Path to the debug log file: Browse to select the debug log file you created earlier.
      Note:  Be sure that users and services have write access to the debug log file or folder.
  6. Select Use Services. Then select Start Server At Power Up. This setting ensures that the license server starts automatically after maintenance or a power outage.
  7. Click Save Service and confirm.

To configure a macOS or Linux server

  1. Save your license .lic file to the desktop.
  2. Move the license file from the desktop to this hidden folder:
    • For macOS: /usr/local/flexnetserver
    • For Linux: /opt/flexnetserver

Note: For details about setting up NLM for macOS, see How to set up the Autodesk Network License Manager on a Mac (US Site). For Linux, see How to set up the Autodesk Network License Manager on Linux (US Site).


Start the license server

After configuration, you can start the license server.

To start the license server on Windows

Use the LMTOOLS utility:

  1. From the Start/Stop/Reread tab, verify that the correct server name is highlighted. Then click Start Server.
  2. Verify that the license server has started (within 30 seconds). You should see the message "Server Start Successful" at the bottom of the dialog.

To start the license server on macOS or Linux

Use Terminal:

  1. To get to the directory, enter the following commands:
    • For macOS:
      cd /usr/local/flexnetserver
    • For Linux:
      cd /opt/flexnetserver
  2. To list the directory contents, enter this command:
    • ls
  3. To start the license server, enter this command:
    • For macOS:
      sudo ./lmgrd -c /usr/local/flexnetserver/adsk_server.lic -l/usr/local/flexnetserver/adsk_serverLog.log
    • For Linux:
      sudo ./lmgrd -c /opt/flexnetserver/adsk_server.lic -l/opt/adsk_serverLog.log

Confirm that the license server is running

To confirm in Windows

  1. From the Server Status tab of the LMTOOLS utility, click Perform Status Enquiry.
  2. When you see information in the status window, scroll down and verify that:
    • The license server is running the latest version. Check the line that reads something like:
      YourServerName: license server UP (MASTER) v 11.16.2
    • The license server has successfully read the license file and found no errors. You should see a line that reads something like:
      Adskflex: UP v11.16.2
  3. If you don’t see these two lines, the license server didn’t start correctly. Recheck your work to get and configure the license file.

To confirm in macOS

  • In Terminal, enter this command:
    sudo ./lmutil lmstat -a -c /usr/local/flexnetserver/adsk_server.lic

To confirm in Linux

  • Enter the following command:
    sudo ./lmutil lmstat -c @localhost -a

Note: If you get a message that the server has not started, use the Activity Monitor to find and stop the lmgrd process. You can then restart the license server.

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