Autodesk Flow Capture: Cloud-based excellence at every stage of the pipeline

Powerful digital dailies and review software

What is Autodesk Flow Capture?

Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion) is a powerful and secure cloud-based digital dailies and review tool, connecting on-set and postproduction.

  • Capture and deliver on-set camera footage in mere seconds in high-definition.

  • Review and edit projects across teams and locations as filming continues. 

  • Track, manage, and store project assets through every phase of production in one secure place.

Advanced dailies and review tools optimize visual production

Why use Autodesk Flow Capture?

Streamline collaboration

Get immediate feedback from crews and stakeholders with cloud-enabled workflows.

Deliver highest quality

Review, annotate, and edit content seconds after capture to iterate early and deliver the best possible result.

Accelerate production

Complete on-set and post work in parallel for less time wasted and lower costs.

What can you do with Flow Capture?

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Stream camera footage securely to the cloud

Capture and securely deliver on-set footage and metadata to the cloud with digital dailies and camera-to-cloud workflows. 

Get footage over to postproduction immediately

As you capture it, edit it

Review media from virtually anywhere as it comes off the camera; send it back to set for ultrafast checks with leading review features and integrated tools like Avid Media Composer.

Tell better stories, on time and on budget, by collaborating remotely

Get work out the door faster, without unexpected costs

Enable real-time data flow in one secure place, fostering seamless collaboration among crews and stakeholders, reducing pick-up days, and keeping unexpected costs at bay.

Paving the way for the cloud-first evolution of Autodesk

Discover the vision for industry cloud, Autodesk Flow, and how Autodesk Flow Capture will create new, extended workflows for collaboration across the production lifecycle.

See Flow Capture in action

Amazon Studios Embraces a New Age of Filmmaking

Amazon Studios uses parallel production tool Flow Capture for connectivity and collaboration to develop series like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. 


Expediting Post Review of Heroic First Responders’ Stories

Discover how Flow Capture Rooms accelerates postproduction review when second takes aren’t possible.


Streamlining Workflows for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop postproduction supervisor discusses connecting on-set and postproduction for Netflix’s live-action adaptation.



Flow Capture features

Advanced dailies

Securely share, review, and manage dailies in high resolution and with lightning speed.

Camera to cloud

Stream camera footage and metadata to production teams anywhere in the world, moments after the camera stops rolling.

Live streaming on set 

Connect and view cameras on set or in edit bays with QTAKE Cloud Streams, AWS Elemental, SRT Live Streams, and NDI-supported applications.

Real-time review

Share livestreams and review uploaded assets in a single, cloud-based environment with powerful annotation tools, video, and chat capabilities.

Color review

Review content with full Dolby Vision®, HDR10, and 4K resolution playback support for pristine image quality and exceptional brightness, contrast, and color range.

Best-in-class security

Meet security standards and protect assets when sharing and editing with digital rights management (DRM), forensic and burnt-in watermarking, multi-factor authentication, and permissions.

Seamless integrations

Supercharge your capabilities and build custom integrations with Flow Capture’s powerful API.


Avid Media Composer integration 

Effortlessly bring Flow Capture assets into Avid Media Composer for a seamless editing experience and publish sequences directly back to Flow Capture.

Learn more about Flow Capture


Informative videos

Improve your Flow Capture knowledge and skillset with videos by industry professionals.



Guides and release notes

Read about new features, fixes, API, and more.



Flow Capture Blog

Read product news and stories from animation, VFX, and games studios.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk Flow Capture used for?

Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion) is a powerful and secure cloud-based digital dailies and review tool used for: 

  • Capturing and delivering on-set camera footage in mere seconds in high-definition 

  • Reviewing and editing projects across teams and locations as filming continues 

  • Tracking, managing, and storing project assets in one secure place through every phase of production 

Who uses Autodesk Flow Capture?

Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion) is used by studios, post houses, productions, and executives to create professional-grade films, TV shows, and games.

What is the difference between Autodesk Flow Capture and Flow Production Tracking?

Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion) is a cloud-based digital dailies and review tool. Its primary function is to securely capture and stream on-set camera data to the cloud for review. Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) is a production management tool that specializes in tracking deadlines, managing resources like staff and budgets, and reviewing.

How can I access Flow Capture?

Flow Capture is a cloud-based software accessible via Safari and Chrome web browsers. You can sign into your Flow Capture site here. You can also download the Flow Capture app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV—or opt for the Mac or Windows desktop app here

Can I get a free trial of Flow Capture?

Yes. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Flow Capture here.

Which operating system does Flow Capture run on? 

Flow Capture can run on Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS®, iOS, and Apple TV. See Flow Capture system requirements for details.

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