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Virtual Design Collaboration Using Arkio and Forge

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    Arkio is a design tool used to bring your ideas and conceptual building designs to life inside virtual reality (VR). VR lets you immerse yourself in the creative process by freely walking around your design or stretching a wall with simple hand gestures. In this class, we will take a deep dive into the Forge Design Automation for Revit API to show how users can easily load their latest BIM 360 Revit models into VR and make design changes that are pushed back to Revit and BIM 360 in a collaborative way. We will demonstrate the following: loading Revit models via BIM 360 and the Design Automation API into Arkio; performing live collaborative design inside Arkio on top of existing Revit models using mobile VR headsets, tablets, and phones; loading and working with additional data such as program area requirements; and exporting new design ideas as native Revit masses/families via the Revit Design Automation API.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how VR/AR can be used for collaborative design on top of Revit models.
    • Learn how Forge Design Automation enables a seamless, bidirectional workflow between Revit and Arkio.
    • Learn how live design collaboration opens up new workflows for AEC professionals.
    • Learn how AEC firms are starting to capitalize on this technology to work with clients in a more efficient way.