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Unite! Innovative BIM Workflows for Industrialized Construction.

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    Industrialized construction is becoming a household name within the building industry due to its advantages in improving productivity, quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Applying innovative BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflows and using advanced technologies through all stages from design to production has been one of Nordic Office of Architecture’s most important strategies for success in industrialized construction. In this class, you will gain insight into the Scandinavian way of industrialized construction, and see how a cross-disciplinary collaboration with the software development team of Project Frog has enabled new possibilities to aid in design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) and BIM workflows. We will showcase both a large-scale hospital and a smaller-scale set of high-end prefabricated housing. This collaboration reflects on the challenges that architects and engineers have faced in the presence of repeating information, and provides a step-by-step workflow for similar projects (hotels, schools, office buildings, and so on).

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insight into the Scandinavian way of developing projects using industrialized construction by integrating innovations.
    • Learn step by step how to prepare a project for future implementation of industrialization BIM methodologies.
    • Learn how architects’ and engineers’ desired workflows have been translated to functionalities of the new technology.
    • Learn how these innovative workflows and new technologies can be applied to other projects (hotels, office buildings, and so on.).