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Tools Not Toys: Estimating/Scheduling in Virtual Reality with BIM Data Sources and Stingray
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In this class, students will learn how Skanska created high-quality, interactive estimates and schedules in virtual reality (VR) by linking external Building Information Modeling (BIM) data sources into Autodesk's Stingray interactive engine. First, we'll demonstrate how Skanska exported BIM data from Revit software into an external data source. Information in the external data source will be organized and sorted. Then, we'll import that information into Stingray in various configurations to create interactive, immersive environments leveraging a repeatable workflow that enables our clients to visualize different design, cost, and scheduling options in VR. As a result, clients will be able to visualize 4D schedules and 5D estimates. They will be able to choose from various design and material options and see the costs associated with them. Finally, they will be able to export the information from Stingray to an external data source. Benefits of estimating and scheduling in VR include realistic design visualization and real-time decision making.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how we linked an external BIM data source to Stingray
  • Learn how we leveraged a data source for visualizing schedules in virtual reality
  • Learn how we leveraged a data source for visualizing estimates in virtual reality
  • Learn how we exported information from Stingray to an external data source



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