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Process-Based Digital Twin for Industrialized Construction Efficiencies

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    Industrialized construction is becoming more important than ever, considering current housing shortages and a decline in skilled labor. Optimizing factory processes is thus essential for productivity; however, changes to lines can be both expensive and disruptive. In this presentation we will demonstrate how a process-based digital twin can help to analyze and optimize a factory. First, a factory information model is created using discrete event simulation and virtual reality. This model is then updated using a variety of sensors that can measure baseline performance. Together, the model and sensors produce a digital twin of a factory that serves as a virtual test bed for evaluating the manufacturing process and optimizing factory layout and resource allocation to mitigate any adverse effects. We’ll share preliminary results from an ongoing project to integrate energy efficiency technologies into modular buildings with little or no additional lead time and first cost.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how discrete event simulation measures and optimizes the baseline performance of an industrialized construction factory.
    • Discover the importance of visualizing factory processes in 3D to enable a greater level of stakeholder interaction.
    • Discover how a process-based digital twin can be capitalized on to improve existing and upcoming factories and products.
    • Discover how BIM, IFC, VDC, and machine learning integrate energy efficiency tech with little to no extra lead time and first cost.