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Practical Use of Immersive BIM for Design and Construction

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    By now you've probably heard about the latest trend to take technology by storm: augmented reality (AR). And from what you've read in tech magazines or seen on YouTube, you probably geek out about it like the rest of us. Yeah, virtual reality (VR), AR, and mixed reality (whatever that means) sound and look really cool, like everything we've seen in sci-fi movies is becoming REAL reality. We're approaching the point where we've accepted this idea, but how can we use the technology in a practical sense and actually get some value from these expensive headsets, other than just explaining to owners that it's "super cool?" That is what this session will be all about. We're going to demonstrate the ways and methods that you can use your design models (Revit software), use real information that is updated through BIM 360 software, and take them into an AR or VR environment (using the Stingray gaming engine) and actually view the stuff that matters in the field.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the challenges that AR, VR, and MR pose
    • Learn how to translate design models to Stingray
    • Learn how to use metadata in AR and VR
    • Learn the value that comes with AR/VR in the building design and construction fields