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Make It a Round-Trip: Workflow from Design to Construction Site with BIM 360 Docs

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    This class will be all about Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows involving Revit software, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) Fabrication Solutions, cloud-based coordination, and overall BIM 360 Docs software to secure a high level of collaboration. In this class, we'll present a seamless workflow from the design-intent model to detailed modeling and construction documents. We intend to highlight how all MEP construction actors can capitalize on BIM information and efficiently collaborate all along the project to build better. MEP engineers, contractors, detailers, fabricators-all of them will contribute to this BIM workflow by using, each of them, dedicated products. They will share data, review, annotate, comment, download, modify, update and so on, collaborating on the project thanks to BIM 360 Docs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to move from an MEP design-intent model to a detailed model
    • Learn how to take benefits from a detailed model on the construction site
    • Learn possible collaboration workflows that take place between MEP construction industry actors
    • Understand the key role that BIM 360 Docs can play in these workflows