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Journey to the Center of BIM: Fluor's EPCV Digital Transformation

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    Join Fluor as the team highlights the company’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) journey throughout the last 10 years within the advanced technology and life science sector. Fluor has seen a dramatic shift in client expectations, EPCV demands, and subcontractor and supplier sophistication that have changed the BIM landscape in some new and exciting ways. Fluor will walk though some innovated methods the firm’s implemented to meet the challenges facing the industry. The focus will be on use of Autodesk collaboration tools such as Navisworks software and BIM 360 software to support a focused approach to client involvement; better BIM data management; and collaboration that supports an integrated project delivery (IPD) strategy to capitalize on worldwide resources. Fluor will also highlight some of the industry lean execution principles that are accomplished utilizing the BIM process, and how Fluor has focused on upfront team alignment through use of concise BIM execution plans (BEP) and alignment meetings.

    Key Learnings

    • Highlight the evolution of BIM within the advanced technology and life sciences sector.
    • Discover the impact of customer requirements and workflows on engineering, procurement, construction, and validation BIM processes.
    • Discover methods to use BIM 360 to help mitigate project risk (data management, collaboration, and IPD strategies).
    • Discover how Fluor uses model review and approvals to support the submittal process.