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Instructional Demo / Las Vegas 2018
The working relationship in collaborative construction project delivery
The difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful project can be directly associated to the good or bad working relationships of the main key stakeholders throughout the whole lifecycle of the project. This can be even more directly related to the personal relationships between the key individuals involved. Learn how BuroHappold are strategically changing their relationships with clients, architects, contractors and operators to achieve better success in project delivery. This shift in digital engineering strategy has contributed to BuroHappold being described by the engineering world as industry thought leaders and innovators, prepared to challenge the norm, embrace the difficult and deliver successful outcomes for their clients. A strategy that has seen Craig Garrett, Project Technology Leader, as part of a global team of regional BIM leads and computational specialists, redefine digital engineering and collaboration on numerous high profile, challenging and iconic projects across all markets and geographies. Advanced BIM adoption is now an intrinsic part of complex project delivery. Therefore to achieve success every aspect of a construction project must be touched by BIM processes and workflows and therefore everyone involved must be BIM savvy and technology literate. Successful data management and information processing is rapidly transforming the existing BIM landscape. The re-use of project design and construction data for an ever increasing number of new and diverse BIM uses creates efficiencies previously not thought possible. The panel will introduce BuroHappold Engineering’s digital strategy and call out some examples of how they as thought leaders, have responded to that strategy. Learn how BuroHappold Engineering are influencing how they do business and how they are standing up to increasing market pressure from larger firms. Learn how BuroHappold Engineering intends not to be the cheapest proposition to their customers, but to provide the highest overall value and return on investment. Also by adopting a forward integration policy and better understanding the future needs of clients they can help deliver this in their projects today.
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