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How BIM 360 Beats BIM Level 2
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This in-product demonstration will explain how BIM 360 software now exceeds BIM Level 2 requirements for a common data environment, providing the managed exchange of project information across all disciplines, from design through construction and turnover. This session will emphasize several easy-to-implement processes for reviewing and approving document sets as key to passing data efficiently through the 4 BIM Level 2 document states of Work-In-Progress (WIP), Shared, Published, and Archive. The agenda will include the following: the BIM Level 2 common data environment: essential and dispensable; assigning BIM Level 2-compliant custom attributes; using BIM 360 Document Sets as information delivery plans; accelerating WIP collaboration with BIM 360 Design; BIM Level 2 review and approval in BIM 360 Document Management; resolving model clashes in BIM 360 Model Coordination; and digital constructability reviews with InfraWorks software and BIM 360.

Key Learnings

  • Discover 5 key requirements mandated for a BIM Level 2 common data environment
  • Discover the key steps to implementing BIM 360 Document Sets for planned information delivery
  • Discover the key steps to implementing a review and approval process in BIM 360 Document Management
  • Discover the workflow steps involved in implementing BIM 360 Design in high-trust and low-trust project types




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