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Harnessing Next-Generation Cloud Collaboration: BIM 360 Design

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    In the spring of 2018, Autodesk introduced BIM 360 Design software, based on the Forge platform, and BIM 360 Document Management. While users still have access to the legacy BIM 360 Team technology, BIM 360 Design provides enhanced collaboration workflows, greater control over file permissions, and much tighter integration with BIM 360 Docs software for use in "downstream" collaboration workflows during a project’s postdesign phases. This class will focus on the enhanced workflows possible with Design Collaboration and Revit cloud collaboration, and will cover project setup, teams and permissions, and the use of packages to effectively control when others have access to your data and when data from other teams is updated in your model. We will also look at common troubleshooting techniques and BIM 360 site setup.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a BIM 360 project and work with teams and permissions to control file access
    • Understand how to effectively use design collaboration workflows
    • Learn how to utilize Revit Cloud Collaboration and the Desktop Connector
    • Troubleshoot the most frequently encountered problems with BIM 360 Design and Revit cloud collaboration