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The Fantastic Four at a Railway Project at Deutsche Bahn E&C

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    Discover how Deutsche Bahn Engineering and Consulting (DB E&C) uses connected BIM (Building Information Modeling) in railway projects in Germany to find the best design option on the basis of high-quality data to optimize the steps of “The Fantastic Four”: data aggregation, data visualization, communication, and collaboration. Come and see how DB E&C uses InfraWorks software to set up a data-rich environment and how the new Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS is used to bridge the gap between BIM and a geographic information system (GIS). Learn how DB E&C was empowered to take better, data-driven decisions on preliminary rail-design tasks, and get inspired by the way that the intelligent models are used for visualization and design reviews, communicating alternatives, and collaborating with key project stakeholders.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manage and address client BIM requirements in a large-scale railway project
    • Discover how InfraWorks was used to aggregate several models from different source
    • Find out how the team used Esri data connection and generated models in a connected BIM workflow
    • Learn how the collaboration for project approvals, delivery, model handover, and design review were improved with BIM 360 Docs