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Diving into the Deep End: Creating a Virtual Job Site

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    This class will showcase the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Marcus Tower expansion and the all-in virtual design involvement on this project. We'll explain how to utilize models and BIM Team/C4R for Revit's cloud-based products and services for multiple aspects of the project, including the involvement in preconstruction for marketing, estimating, and self-perform opportunities; the integration of drone flights and parametric, in-house crane models for site logistics and safety planning; virtual reality for headwall mock-ups; and structural review. We'll complete the discussion with lessons learned for workflow, full-team integration, and training for the all-in approach.

    Key Learnings

    • Utilizing BIM Team/C4R /Collaboration for Revit
    • Learn how to use models for preconstruction and self-perform work
    • Learn how to use drone data and VR coupled with 3D underground coordination for team deliverables, site logistics, and job-site safety: innovation for change
    • Incorporate lessons learned in workflow, training/buy-in, and integration of the virtual job site