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The Convergence of Design, Fabrication, and Construction Model Coordination into One Model with Revit and BIM 360 Design
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Collaborative construction methodologies are ever changing as design, trade, and contracting partners develop more-efficient and more-effective ways to deliver projects to customers. As part of bridging the gap to true collaboration, teams need to overcome barriers and find a balance between contracts and true partnership. One large component of working together to design and construct buildings is managing the intelligent model. Traditionally, there are multiple intelligent models in a variety of platforms that each partner creates to execute their design or construction work. This method results in wasteful efforts, as designers and contractors redesign and rework the model for coordination and fabrication for their scope of work. The One Model approach is an integrated design process that eliminates this redundancy and creates a different level of collaboration by utilizing Revit software and the BIM 360 platform.

Key Learnings

  • Discovers how One Model sets the table for a combined record set and as-built model for facility owners (eliminating multiple sets of the same information)
  • Discover how to eliminate redesign efforts to complete the design to enable expanded prefabrication methodology
  • Discover how One Model promotes direct to fabrication from design models
  • Discover how to eliminate wasteful RFIs and design changes in construction through One Model



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