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Constructing AR/VR Experiences with BIM 360, Forge, and AI

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    The great news is that immersive technology is becoming a critical deliverable for today's construction projects. As such, the need to differentiate by creating immersive experiences unique to your business is a top priority. The problem we're addressing here is that this workflow is technically daunting, time consuming, and requires talent to produce. To compound this issue, your augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) talent are spending a lot of time performing laborious manual tasks that can easily be automated. In this class, you'll learn how Autodesk can help you differentiate your company and create valuable, immersive experiences by capitalizing on Forge Design Automation services together with machine learning to automatically prepare your BIM 360 models for AR and VR.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand today's immersive-technology landscape
    • Discover the real problems you're trying to solve
    • Learn about Autodesk's Forge Design Automation services
    • Learn how to free your AR/VR teams to focus on creating valuable immersive experiences