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Connected BIM for Structures

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    In this new digital era, "the Era of Connection," building professionals are facing a lot of challenges to digitize their processes for designing and delivering buildings. In this class, you'll get a full overview on how the products of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection can be used in the most efficient and integrated way for structural engineers to meet this urge for full-process digitization. You will learn which workflows can be set up with Revit software, Advance Steel software, Robot Structural Analysis software, Dynamo, BIM 360 Design software, and BIM 360 Docs software to streamline the process from design to fabrication for steel and concrete structures. You will also learn about how the products within the AEC Collection are mapped with BIM project lifecycle phases and industry persona.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to position the products in the AEC Collection with each BIM project lifecycle phase
    • Discover efficient workflows from design to analysis to fabrication
    • Learn how to choose the right tool for the integration of design and data between each engineering BIM phase
    • Discover how BIM 360 Design and Document Management can help the digitization process