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Bridging Information Silos: Using Forge in an Integrated FM Platform for Owners

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    "What if projects empowered facility owners with building intelligence that maximizes the value from design and construction, and seamlessly transitioned knowledge to operations and maintenance, to run the facility optimally from the first day? What if we integrated models, drawings, documents, facility performance and analytics data, and delivered such capability as a simple, contextualized user experience? The VueOPS team has consulted on BIM for FM implementations for large-scale healthcare, aviation, bio-pharmaceutical, and public agency owners. We are passionate about these outcomes. This class shares our journey to bridge current and emergent FM requirements for projects and develop an integrated FM platform that uses the Autodesk Forge platform in our quest to integrate information from documents, models, asset management, and building performance and analytics systems to create building knowledge for our customers."

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a method for specifying owner FM requirements
    • Discover the benefits of incremental data collection and verification
    • Understand commitments that owners should make to realize more operations-and-maintenance value out of design and construction
    • Discover the vision and benefits of integrated information for FM