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Achieving XR's Limitless Business Potential and Saving Budget with Autodesk Pipeline

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    This class will cover the story and the key technicalities of My Home Experience, an ambitious project that is replacing “normal” decorated apartments by customizable virtual reality (VR) ones all across Brazil. We will start by showing off how a partnership between IM Designs and MRV is helping change the way people experience their dream homes. We’ll then dive into how to prepare your data set to fit your immersive technology (XR) hardware. For that, we’ll show how we solved performance and hardware limitation issues while achieving incredibly realistic looks through a series of optimization techniques in 3ds Max software, and we’ll explain their impact on real-time rendering. You’ll gain info about light baking, UVs, retopology, RTT for baking AO, normals, and more. On the hardware side, we’ll see how those techniques affect your GPU, CPU, and memory, and how to profile them to boost rendering performance. We’ll then finish by showing off the final implementation in untethered VR, and its challenges. We hope everyone learns a lot from our case.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn where XR can reduce cost and waste of materials
    • Discover a good pipeline for an XR project
    • Learn how to fit large and complex data sets into the XR hardware
    • Learn how to implement untethered VR experiences for daily use