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12 (+1) Reasons Why an EPC Contractor Needs to Move Toward BIM

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    Wondering how BIM (Building Information Modeling) can connect engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)? Discover the manufacturing-like workflows of an EPC contractor. This class will showcase the essential benefits obtained by the adoption of BIM in a well-known international company specialized in industrial, chemical plant, and oil and gas. Learn how the company, starting in particular from the Civil Department, has adopted BIM, and how they currently use BIM to manage data such as key quantities, bills of materials, fabrication, and feasibility planning. After a brief introduction to the company, we will present tips and tricks that cover hot topics, including data exchange in a multidisciplinary environment, file and cost management, and quality control. Finally, we will give detailed explanations of how to manage processes through Revit software, Dynamo, BIM 360 software, and Navisworks software by way of several examples from real EPC projects. This session will feature Revit, Dynamo, and BIM 360, along with in-house tools and Navisworks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manage data and files in a multidisciplinary environment
    • Learn how to include Dynamo, BIM 360, and Navisworks in your Revit workflows to deliver your EPC projects
    • Learn how to overcome the challenge of information exchange between Autodesk and non-Autodesk software
    • Understand the lessons learned by an EPC contractor to help you choose which direction your company needs to follow