Connect the entire product lifecycle with Autodesk Fusion industry cloud

Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing enables a new era of connected data and collaboration to design and make anything.

What is the Autodesk Fusion industry cloud?

The Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing connects capabilities, data, people and processes across the entire product development lifecycle.

Integrate CAD, CAM, CAE, PCB, data management (PLM, PDM), MES, and more into one experience, enabling advanced automation, AI capabilities and streamlined workflows.

The Autodesk Fusion industry cloud provides a single source of project data across your organisation and supply chain through the Autodesk Data Model. Ensure everyone has access to the same data, thereby eliminating repetitive tasks and processes, accelerating productivity and providing critical real-time insights about product development and business operations.

Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing benefits

Unified workflows and data

Connect workflows and unify data to maximise value across your organisation. Gain actionable insights to make better-informed decisions.


Automated processes

Increase productivity by removing guesswork and automating processes throughout your product development process.


Trusted and secure

Built on a foundation of trust; Fusion industry cloud provides a secure, reliable, resilient and scalable cloud solution.


Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing solutions


Autodesk Fusion

Streamline your product development and go from design to manufacturing faster with fully integrated cloud-based CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB software.



Autodesk Fusion Manage

Enhance workflows and improve collaboration for product development across your organisation with cloud-based product lifecycle management.



Autodesk Fusion Operations

Reduce wastes and costs, shorten lead times and minimise shop maintenance with production management and production floor tracking software.


Open and flexible ecosystem

Enable data to flow between Autodesk products, APIs such as Autodesk Platform Services and third-party software partnerships, including Ansys and Cadence.

Gain the ability to develop value-added applications using open APIs.

Learn how innovation, sustainability & digital transformation converge with Fusion

Fusion isn’t just another tool; it’s the cornerstone for any business’ digital transformation or product design journey, regardless of experience level.

Learn more about how Autodesk Fusion is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in product development to not just create more efficient or powerful tools, but to reimagine the entire design and manufacturing process.

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Explore the limitless possibilities of the Fusion industry cloud, your path to elevated collaboration, innovation and productivity in manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autodesk Fusion industry cloud?

Autodesk's Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing is an end-to-end cloud-based solution for manufacturers and their supply chains. By unifying data, technologies and workflows across the entire product lifecycle, everyone involved in the product development process is connected, regardless of discipline.

What is Autodesk Fusion?

Autodesk Fusion, formerly known as Autodesk Fusion 360, is design, engineering, electronics and manufacturing software, all-in-one. Connect your entire product development process into one cloud-based software with integrated 3D CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB.

How will Fusion industry cloud enable your digital transformation?

Fusion industry cloud drives digital transformation by reimagining product lifecycle workflows. Streamline information access and facilitate seamless data connectivity across the entire organisation, regardless of discipline or location.


Explore design and manufacturing integrations for Fusion

See how you can connect machine tool, additive machinery, tooling, probing and work-holding partners with Fusion, and explore software integrations to increase manufacturing throughput and maximise profit potential.