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Produce drawings for creating a building, part, product, and more.

What is a blueprint?

Blueprints are designs used to create buildings, products, and more. Blueprints got their name from the historic process of creating technical drawings on paper coated with a chemical mixture that would turn the background blue while the drawing lines remained white when exposed to light.

The difference between blueprints and floor plans

Blueprints are detailed drawings referenced to build something. They can include many types of drawings and diagrams such as floor plans, elevations, and details. A floor plan shows a bird’s-eye view of a building or structure and typically displays the location of walls, fixtures, and furniture. 

How to read blueprints

Learn the fundamentals to get started in creating and navigating blueprints.

Blueprint reading basics

Discover how to read blueprints for construction. 

Understanding blueprint symbols

Take the mystery out of reading blueprints by learning how to read blueprint symbols. 

Navigating a set of plans

Get to know how construction documents are organized so you can find your way around blueprints. 

Blueprint maker software

2D and 3D CAD tools, with enhanced insights, AI-automations, and collaboration features. Subscription includes AutoCAD on desktop, web, mobile, and seven specialized toolsets.

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AutoLISP is now available with AutoCAD LT

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Helpful videos on making blueprints in AutoCAD

Classroom floor plan tutorial

This video demonstrates how to use AutoCAD and the draw and modify tools to create a floor plan drawing of a classroom. 

Ground floor plan tutorial

This video demonstrates how to use AutoCAD to draft a ground floor plan. 

See how AutoCAD is used to make blueprints


Set design comes to life with AutoCAD

Canadian theater festival uses AutoCAD and other technologies such as 3D printing to deliver incredible set designs. 


AutoCAD LT opens doors for interior designer

Interior designer highlights her skills with AutoCAD LT to land a new job and creates a competitive advantage for her current firm. 


AutoCAD mobile app provides instant solution

For a new design department, the discovery of the AutoCAD mobile app brings on-site design, as well as unexpected benefits with workflow and accuracy. 

Blueprint design resources

Learn how to use Autodesk CAD software to create blueprints and CAD drawings.

Learn how to design a blueprint online in Autodesk fusion.

Create blueprints in Fusion from your designs.

Compose drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is constructed.

Use CAD software to create blueprints.

2D drafting can be used to draft designs quickly and with great precision.

Make technical documentation for products, buildings, and structures quickly and easily.

Frequently asked questions on blueprint design

How do you make a blueprint?

Technical drawings known as blueprints include details and measurements that illustrate how to build or design a structure or object. Blueprints were originally negative reproductions of hand-drawn plans that show up as white lines on blue paper. Today, computer-aided drawing programs like AutoCAD make blueprint drawing easier and more accurate. 

How do you make a digital blueprint?

Hardcopy architectural blueprints are bulky, difficult to share with multiple stakeholders, expensive to reproduce, and are often a struggle to keep updated. Digital blueprints, created with architectural software like Autodesk’s 2022 Architecture toolset, make it easier to create, update, and share technical blueprint drawings. 

How do you make a blueprint in Autodesk fusion?

Autodesk fusion is a 3D CAE, CAM (US Site), and CAD platform that allows architects to import sketches and reference material to create representational architectural designs and blueprints. See this video to learn how to create a blueprint in Autodesk fusion

What program is used to make blueprints?

There are a number of blueprint software programs that can make creating blueprints easier and more accurate than hand drawing. The Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection of software delivers integrated tools that support fast, efficient, and accurate technical drawing, including blueprints. 

What should a blueprint include?

Blueprints include all the technical details about a project. They will include floorplans showing the layout of each floor or structure section; elevation drawings of each side of the structure and notes about exterior finishes; foundation drawings including footings and bearing walls; cutaway or cross-section details that show how various parts of the structure fit together; an electrical layout for each level noting where lighting, outlets, switches, or circuits should be placed; framing and roof plans; plumbing and mechanical systems layout; and a plot plan that shows all the structures or features on a piece of property. 

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