The Digitalization of Infrastructure | Thomas Angeltveit

The Digitalization of Infrastructure

Turn a BIM model for a tunnel into a VR game? Thomas Angeltveit shares how he and his team reduced risk and accelerated approval for the new Ulriken Tunnel in Norway.


The most heavily travelled rail tunnel in Northern Europe, the Ulriken Tunnel is a vital economic artery for Norway—but also a major bottleneck. To increase capacity, a second tunnel is being built parallel to the first. To speed design, training, and regulatory approval, the design firm Bane NOR created a gamified VR version of the BIM model of the tunnel. This enabled future train conductors and other stakeholders to experience the tunnel before it was ever constructed. Thomas Angeltveit shares how these immersive design visualizations mitigated errors and cut years off the standard approval time for rail projects of this scope.

About the speaker

Thomas Angeltveit is a BIM manager at Norconsult. Beyond just technical expertise, he is a technology enthusiast that has a BIM coordinator’s role in multiple large-scale infrastructure projects. He challenges the standard AEC tools and workflows every day, resulting in groundbreaking projects.

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