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From coding to visualization, the integration of IES light automated framework

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    Engineers, Architects and Designers are persistently constrained to provide a greater performance and better solutions when it comes to applying light effectively. Our process will enhance the BIM collaboration level and address how Generative Design can help manufacturers to produce more with less resources, energy and time to support sustainability. This class will go beyond the fundamentals of interior design lighting and dive into settings to promptly prototyped an automated system that can understand the requirements for the photometric light, select proper schemes, and calculate the level of lighting. We will learn how to link the IES files to any light rendering software then by altering the code preferences we can achieve accurate visuals that can be adjusted and updated at real time. The chosen design will be automatically translated into BIM data that will generate electrical plans and instantly calculate the intensity and quantity of light required for a particular space.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the automated system that can understand the requirements of IES light to simulate design criteria real time
    • Calculate the quantity of light needed for a particular space where certain activities are performed.
    • Explain the link between design and application in order to generate electrical design sheets and QTO schedules using BIM
    • Learn how to classify and objectify fundamental abilities of Generative Design to customize a sustainability framework