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Industry talk    CS20553
Virtual Sticks and Bricks—Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Today and the Near and Long-Term Future Outlook
Autodesk University
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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools have found a niche in real estate sales and marketing, and they are having some impact on design decision making, but the real impact on construction lies just over the horizon when gaming technology, wearable computing, and machine learning will deliver a rapid proliferation of multiplayer collaboration environments for process planning to optimize design, sequencing, coordination, and safety planning. This class will take an industry look at where we are today, and what the near-future and long-term-future states of VR and AR are likely to be. This session features Autodesk Stingray and Maya. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Discover the VR and AR state of the industry
  • Learn about emerging technology strategies
  • Learn about corporate adoption of new technologies
  • Learn about virtual reality



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