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Virtual-Augmented Reality for Construction, Utilizing Gear VR

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    After this class attendees will be able to exploit virtual reality in the realm of construction—particularly, the way and flow of utilizing Samsung Gear VR. Exploring virtual worlds through this device at the construction site or during meetings without other machines is a forte. This drove me to make a deep study of how to utilize it. There are 2 approaches to accomplish virtual reality by utilizing Gear VR during construction phases and facility management purposes. Two paths—Building Information Modeling (BIM) model and construction site picture based—can be technically considered. First, when you use Gear VR with your BIM model, you need to be familiar with software such as Revit software and 3ds Max software for visualizing and rendering. If you intend to navigate your BIM model in virtual worlds, you will also need game engines like Unity3D with Android Studio. Also, regarding exploring panorama pictures, equipment for panoramic photographs and editing tools that will help convert those photos to the 3D world will be required as well.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to handle Gear VR to visualize and experience 3D model, 360-degree panorama picture, virtual mock-up, and so on
    • Discover the flow of converting BIM model or panoramic photographs into a suitable data format for Android
    • Learn how to handle camera equipment to take panoramic pictures, and discover software to stich and publish them into exe format with information
    • Learn how to export Revit files as fbx format, import it into 3ds Max, and render with appropriate materials and settings for virtual space