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Using Generative Design in Construction Applications

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    Generative design is the process of setting design parameters and then using computational analysis to come up with multiple solutions. It has been widely used in the manufacturing industry; it is also gaining more attention in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in space design, sustainability studies, and urban planning. However, the construction industry has not fully invested in the power of generative design. With more contractors using BIM (Building Information Modeling) to deliver projects, more data is available and can be used to generate and manipulate outcomes. This class will focus on applications of generative design that optimize construction processes. We will present a background on generative design as well as case studies. The class will also show how to get started with generative design for construction using current technologies, including Dynamo. The digitization of today’s projects, along with the power of computation, creates the potential to facilitate construction processes and build better buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain theoretical and technical knowledge about generative design for construction
    • Discover application areas for generative design
    • Learn how to start a generative-design workflow using the current available tools including Dynamo
    • See examples of how contractors can use generative design