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Thinking Connected: How Cloud-Collaboration Will Affect your BIM Execution Planning

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    A Project BIM Execution Plan (BExP) is more than just a document; it is the common language that becomes the roadmap for digital collaboration, strategy and deliverables. Sure, the average BExP will define the basics. But what good are the BExP outputs without a well-defined information exchange process? With the continuous evolution of platform integrations directly into native BIM environments, why do we assume all project participants know these new workflows and protocols? Enter cloud-based technology planning. Late engagement and undefined workflows set up your project for failure and reduce the likelihood of choosing the best workflows. Cloud-based technology and early collaboration between designer and builder have put a spotlight on expeditious kickoff meetings for successful BIM Execution. New technology now enables early sharing of information and greatly impacts cross-discipline collaboration and risk mitigation. In this class, we’ll examine project-specific BExPs and Information Exchange Diagrams to highlight where project impacts can be avoided through proper cloud-based collaboration planning. From Project Conception to Building Handover, you’ll leave with tangible examples of how to setup your project stakeholders for collaborative success.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how the features of BIM 360 democratize access to important project data, facilitating collaboration
    • Leverage BIM 360 to mitigate risks and manage expectations throughout the project lifecycle
    • Craft a BIM Execution Plan specific to the Cloud tools that you are using, minimizing potential issues in the field
    • Identify areas where existing BIM Execution Plans may need to be revised to better suit your specific use of BIM 360