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Robots as Design Interfaces—Toward New Processes Beyond Mass Production

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    Industrial robots are primarily known from the automotive industry's production lines. The goal of this class is to present robots instead as multifunctional and flexible interfaces between the digital and the physical world that can be used for anything from innovative, large-scale fabrication to immersive virtual reality (VR) simulators. This extension beyond the robots' initial scope is enabled by new software developments that facilitate a seamless workflow from design to machine through Dynamo software and KUKA|prc. Utilizing parametric design tools lets us use robots for mass customization and small lot sizes, rather than mass fabrication. The class will provide an overview on how to utilize industrial robots through Dynamo and Fusion 360 software, and present realized projects by both small to medium-size enterprises as well as international corporations. We'll also look into the future toward new developments that build upon the geometric capabilities of the Forge cloud and couple it with serverless computation and integration with IoT platforms.

    Key Learnings

    • Get insight into nonstandard robotic processes
    • Understand the potential, but also limitations, of industrial robots
    • Learn how to couple visual programming with robotic processes
    • Evaluate the presented software interface following the class, using provided licenses