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Robots in the Built Environment: Workflows for AEC at the Autodesk Technology Centers

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    This course will present case studies of resident projects that were fabricated at the Autodesk Technology Centers. These case studies will focus on the robotic workflows for AEC, describing both the robotic software (examples include Autodesk Maya, Machina, ABB RobotStudio, PowerMill) and the challenges overcome from troubleshooting physical constraints. Attendees will gain knowledge in various approaches to robotic fabrication and how this informs the move to automate fabrication at the construction site. Case studies examples: Perkins and Will’s Mass timber pavilion fabrication utilizing workflow of suction grippers, drills, saws and nail guns; Mad Workshop’s Arroyo Bridge- a 75 ft pedestrian bridge utilizing a robot to position 600 steel members in unique places for a manual welding process; AI SpaceFactory’s MARSHA -a 15 ft structure made from biopolymer basalt composite utilizing additive workflow; and Apis Cor’s 3-D printed 2-story, 12,000 sq. ft concrete building.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover various software approaches being used to program robots at the Autodesk Technology Centers
    • Learn about the challenges involved when contending with the physical constraints and material properties in robotic workflows
    • Imagine how research at the Autodesk Technology Centers can inform future workflows at construction sites
    • Learn about the resources and opportunities at the Autodesk Technology Centers