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Revit, Forge, ERP - Smart solution for medium sized construction companies

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    As a family-owned and managed, medium-sized construction company, Grimm GmbH wanted to digitalize all their running corporate processes. Therefore, they decided to develope a collaboration platform called "Zapper". This online solution, based on Autodesk Forge technology, allows the connection of deep Autodesk Revit knowledge with standardized ERP-Systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Zapper app supports the whole company’s infrastructure in a smart way. This solution allows management, project partners, all employees and clients to collaborate simply and with high efficiency. To enhance customer experience, a mobile app for clients was developed as part of the project. Customers can easily access all the current project data, at any time. In this class, you will learn how Grimm use their BIM models for planning, calculating, tendering and visualizing. Grimm contracted the internal start-up Sumoo and the software company ioLabs for the development of the Zapper app.

    Key Learnings

    • Bidirectional link between BIM model and ERP-System.
    • Connectiong 3D model and all company processes.
    • Custom software product for medium-sized businesses.
    • Integration customer mobile app.